From the Director’s Desk:
Dear Challengers,

This institute is my Brain Child. With the grace of God, It has been started after a lot of an all-encompassing research of the various problems faced by the students while preparing for competitive and entrance examinations. One of the most common problem faced by the student is the lack of proper mentor; a beacon that can show him the right direction… It’s often difficult to pick the first step, which might be the key step to solving any given problem. Only listening to a lecture hardly helps, the practice following the lecture, under the guidance of an experienced mentor is the right way to success. “Challenge and Thrill” was founded with the sole purpose of supporting and intensifying the competitive environment for exams like the IITJEE, CET, and Olympiads etc. We believe in “doing” than “listening”. It’s the labour that matters and so “Challenge and Thrill” has more affinity towards a practical approach.

Let me get this straight… let us compare the difference between a home tutor and “Challenge and Thrill”. A home tutor clarifies doubts but isn’t able to dedicate a lot of time towards solving a variety of problems due to constraints. Also it is a very costly and a tedious process to find the perfect tutor. “Challenge and Thrill” provides enough time and opportunity to the students to practice the concepts taught to them over a long session. I have seen through my personal experience that students do not practice after going home as they are already exhausted after a day of hectic lectures. They try solving a few problems, but seeing the high standard of problems given, they ultimately give up. “Challenge and Thrill” eliminates this method of teaching. Extensive practice is provided during the lectures especially for competitive exams such as IITJEE and hence a major chunk of these challenging problems are covered during the class hours itself.

Right… so I guess that’s it from my end. Looking forward to you being a part of my academy. Be Different… Challenge the World… Make your learning experience Thrilling.

All the Best.
Anubhav Kumar,
Director, Challenge and Thrill.